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"A Case Of A Fan."

TITLE: "A Case Of A Fan."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte... the very first Good Charlotte fic I ever wrote, too!
RATING: I'm guessing PG.
PAIRING(S): Wishful thinking.
SUMMARY: The obsessed fan.
STATUS: Finished!

Yes, I do in fact own Good Charlotte.

Joel is giving me a tattoo on my inner thigh saying "Heaven this way" with an arrow pointing upwards, Benji is dying my hair black and spiking it like his was before he cut it, Billy is doing a strip act and Paul is washing the dishes. Ahem, sorry peoples.

Songfic to "Change" by Good Charlotte.

A Case Of A Fan

by Aura the Rock Starr (modmadden.)

I am lost in the see-thru, I think you lost yourself too...

I am lost in those deep brown eyes of yours. Joel, for once I had you but now I stand here and just see what you've become, with no part in it

Throughout all of this confusion, I hope I somehow get to you...

I was so confused. I was a mere teenager and you were the punk, the rebel, the boy my parents told me to stay away from. But I loved only you, Joel.

I practiced all the things I'd say, To tell you how I feel,
And when I finally get my chance, It all seems so surreal...

I would lie in bed, staring up at the pictures of you I had around my room. Posters of the band, pictures of before, Cashdogg, Benji, Paul, Aaron. Billy and Chris weren't around yet, but I was. I lay in bed, and practiced what to say to you. Would I be direct and say "I love you." or walk up to you, when I finally got my chance, then skulk away, unable to speak?

'Cause from the first time I saw you, I only thought about you...

The first day I spotted you, standing in the street, with your brother, I knew I loved you and only you.

I didn't know you, I wanted to hold onto, The things you'd never say to me...

I imagined running into you. You falling madly, passionately in love with me at first sight. The two of us being crazy and running away together. You writing me love songs, and dedicating your first album to me, among the others.

'Cause you said... You can't change the way you feel,
I could never do that, I could never do that,
But you can't tell me this ain't real, 'Cause this is real...

It was real love at first sight. You were meant for me and only me... none of the other fans mattered, the music and me were all you needed.

And you would see right through that, In the end it's all I've got,
So I'm gonna hold onto that, So I'm gonna hold on and on and on and on...

But you saw through me for what I was. The pathetic girl on the street who would never matter to a big star like you, my dear Joel...

Now you've got me watching your eyes, Got me waiting just to see,
If it goes the way it never will, Your eyes are watching me...

Your eyes will forever be watching me now, Joely. The last breath you take will be mine, watching me and realising how much I really loved you.

And now you've got me thinking 'bout, The first time that I met you,
Standing in a crowded room,But I could only see you...

The day I met you, for real. The day when I ran into you. You had just released your first hit single and you had gone celebrating with the rest of Good Charlotte. I came up to introduce myself, watching you in the crowded room. Yes, I could only see you, my beloved Joel.

And I hope my words will get through, 'Cause now I can't forget you...

But I didn't get through. You brushed me off like a bug. Annoying when it's buzzing around, but one flick and it's gone for good, never to annoy anyone again.

I want to tell you, If only I could reach you,
And make you feel this way, But you said...

But you hurt me Joel. You hurt me so much. I love you more than anything and anyone else in the world. But I can't reach you. I can't tell you how I feel. I can't make you feel this way.

But I have one way to have you know how much I care for you, Joely. This way, your last thought will only be of me.

* * *

Joel watched girl in the front row reach into her shoulder bag, half expecting her to pull out a camera. The fans were checked before they came in to the hall for cameras, but most managed to sneak them in anyway. He smiled, thinking that it was good they had such die-hard fans. At least she had a clear shot of him. But he never thought that was what the girl in the
front row was.

Die. Hard. Fans.

The girl looked into Joel's eyes, looked in deep. It was the only way for him to notice her, to think of her. To think only of her.

"Good bye, Joel."

She pulled back the trigger and let the gunshot ring out. Joel was correct. She had a clear shot.

She shuddered, then quickly turned the gun on herself.

"...I love you, Joel..."


I know, it's strange, but hey, it's 12:35am.
I don't know where I got the idea from. Who knows?
Maybe four hours of reading GC fic is getting to me.

Review please and tell me what's wrong (or what's
right.), I need creative feedback, please peoples.
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