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Ahh, Boy Love...

TITLE: "Ahh, Boy Love..."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte!
PAIRING(S): BillyXPaul. (rarely done by meeee.)
SUMMARY: Billy, Paul, bus, bunk, smut.
STATUS: Finished!

DISCLAIMER: Don't own the boys. This means Paul, Billy, Chris, Joel and Benji. Or just collectively Good Charlotte. Don't own the bus, the lube, the Pixies shirt, or Mario Kart.

This fic was written for amishphonebook, because her Paul/Billy's are ace and I wish mine could be as good as hers. And because we have a deal going on, heh heh. See, I did it!

Ahh, Boy Love...

saint aura* - modmadden - Aura the Rock Starr

Shy little Billy. Sweet little Paul. They really made the most adorable couple. They thought so, the fans thought so, hell, even Chris and the twins thought so!

But in every relationship, one is the dominant person, while the other is the submissive. With two fairly docile young men, you'd probably pick Paul, being the larger of the two, as being the "dominator". But you'd be wrong.

It was Billy. Paul was Billy's little bitch. Whatever Billy wanted, Billy got. And both of them liked it that way.

* * *

Billy's lanky frame made its way through the bus. He was looking for Paul. They had been on the road for about four weeks now and for the sake of the others, coital activities were generally kept off the bus, in hotel rooms.

But Billy was horny now.

"Paul!" Billy bellowed, shocking Benji and Chris, who were sitting at the "kitchen" table. Neither had ever heard Billy's body produce such a loud noise, even with the help of electronic equipment.

"He's in there." Chris said, pointing towards the front of the bus. Paul and Joel were sitting in there playing Mario Kart. Billy walked in and stood behind Paul, placing his hands lightly on his shoulders. "Paul, can you come and help me with something?" he asked, squeezing gently.

"In a minute." Paul murmured, not taking his eyes off the track.
"No Paul, now." Billy said, leaning forward to nip at the soft flesh of Paul's neck. Paul flinched at the sensation and fell off the track, just as he and Joel were battling for possession of first place.

"Okay." He said, standing up. Billy pulled him by the front of his Pixies shirt to the back of the bus. Pressing Paul up against the wall, Billy leaned forward to kiss him, parting his lips to allow his tongue passage to Paul's own.

"Mmph! Billy!" Paul pushed Billy away, holding his hands up.
"What?" Billy asked, looking down on Paul. He was only two inches taller than him, but it was enough.
"Nothing. But, the others-"
"Don't worry, they won't care. Anyway, don't Benji and Joel bring groupies in all the time?"
"I-I guess." Paul said, allowing Billy's lips to capture his in another kiss.
"Good boy." Billy grunted. Paul's back was still pressed up against the wall and he shifted uncomfortably.

Skinny, frail Billy who barely looked able to support his own weight was actually quite strong, at least in his arms. Probably something to do with being a guitarist, Paul mused.

But Billy was holding Paul against the wall and he didn't seem to be moving any time soon.

Breaking their heated kiss, Paul murmured, "How about we move this to the bunk?" and Billy apparently heartily agreed because he stepped aside and somehow grabbed Paul, throwing him onto his back on the closest bunk.

Billy straddled Paul's waist, leaning forward to kiss him again. His hands were pulling at the fabric of Paul's shirt and within two seconds it was over Paul's head and on the floor somewhere. Paul knew it could only have been two seconds because they only stopped kissing for that long.

Shifting positions again, Billy quickly removed his LeVeL27 t-shirt, before discarding it along with his and Paul's Dickies. Both men lay in the bunk in their boxers. Billy was on top, giving all the directions.

"You're too clothed." Billy surveyed with a critical eye. Paul raised an eyebrow and smirked.
"Well, how would you like me?" he asked. Billy's response was to slowly tug at Paul's boxers, before ripping them carelessly off Paul's body. Paul yelped, raising himself on his elbows as he looked down at the red marks Billy had left.

"Down boy." Billy admonished him, placing a hand on Paul's chest to push him backwards onto the bunk. "Daddy'll kiss it better."

Paul raised an eyebrow yet again. "So now you're incestuous as well as gay?"
"No, that's Benji and Joel." Billy replied, licking his full, red lips before lowering his head to Paul's injured upper thighs. Slowly licking his way up to Paul's groin, he stopped before looking up to stare into Paul's soft brown eyes.

Paul moaned as Billy leaned down and took his whole length in his mouth at once.

"Oohh... oh! Billy!" he groaned. Billy expertly licked and sucked his way up and down Paul's shaft, pausing to gently blow cool air on him.

"Billy!" Paul cried, tangling his fingers in Billy's longish black and red hair and his hips bucked, signaling he was almost at his climax.

"Not yet, Paulie." Billy managed to say around Paul's cock.

"Oh... do that again... t-talking, Bill..." Paul moaned as Billy began to hum something, he wasn't coherent enough to figure out quite what it was.

"Bill... Billy, I'm gonna-" Paul groaned as his hot liquid gushed into Billy's mouth. Billy sat up and stared deeply into Paul's eyes, then swallowed and licked his lips, his lipring glinting in the dim light at the back bus.

"I thought I told you not yet." Billy said, almost sternly. "Bad boy, now I have to punish you."

Paul caught the glint in Billy's eye as he said that.

Billy removed his boxer shorts and leaned over Paul. "Turn over." He ordered. Paul nodded and shifted onto his stomach, his naked arse staring up at Billy.

Billy rummaged around on the small shelf on the bunk wall and found the item he was looking for. Unscrewing the lid of the small tub of lube, he coated himself in a liberal amount, then smeared some more in the cleft of Paul's butt.

Kneeling between Paul's splayed legs, Billy slowly slid inside Paul. Paul moaned softly, murmuring Billy's name a few times. Setting a slow, steady rhythm, Billy rocked his hips back and forth, slowly speeding up as he shut his mind off from the rest of the world.

There was no bus, no band mates in the next room, no niggling feeling that they shouldn't be having sex in Benji's bunk.

There was just Billy, and Paul. They were joined, they were one. It was natural. It was beautiful. It was so...

"Billy!" Paul exclaimed, at the same time as Billy moaned,
"Paul!" and with one last thrust, Billy came into Paul. Half-sighing, half-groaning, he let himself relax, lying chest down on Paul's naked, sweaty back.

A few minutes later, Billy's superhuman strength had mysteriously disappeared and he and Paul lay facing each other, side-by-side in the bunk.

"What was the song you were humming?" Paul asked, as Billy reached a hand over to stroke Paul's cheek.
"Wondering. Benji wrote it for his dog, I hum it for my bitch."

Paul smiled faintly. Billy loved him, really.

"I love you Billy."
"I love you too, Paul."

They pressed their foreheads together and stared into one another's eyes, before drifting off, limbs still tangled together in post-coital bliss.


Ain't Paul/Billy just the God of all slash pairings? Well, along with Paul/Chris, anyway.

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