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"Benji V. The Eyeliner."

TITLE: "Benji V. The Eyeliner."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte.
RATING: PG. Benji swears.
PAIRING(S): None! (I know, what's happened to my beloved slash?)
SUMMARY: How does Benji make those absolutely hardXcore tears in his eyeliner? [snicker]
STATUS: Finished.

Benji V. The Eyeliner

by modmadden - Aura the Rock Starr

Benji stood in the bathroom, staring in the mirror as he expertly
applied his black eyeliner. First around the top eyelid, then down
the bottom, then the other eye. Benji loved putting his eyeliner on.

Then came the part he hated.

The tears.

Every morning, Benji would poke himself in the eye to get the tears
in his eyeliner. But he had to do it just right, or else he'd end up
with the tears in the wrong spot, and who would want that?

"Okay Madden, get it RIGHT this time..." he muttered to himself,
then, wincing as he did so, he stuck his finger in his eye.

"Ohh SHIT!" he screamed, falling to the floor, clutching his eye.

But when he stood up, tears streaking down his cheeks, he had a nice
streak of eyeliner hanging from his left eye.

"Perfect." he said, smiling to himself in the mirror. Next eye...

* * *

The next day, as Benji was applying his eyeliner, he made his
customary yelp and held his eye, wincing.

"What are you doing in there?" Joel asked, opening the bathroom door.
"Poking myself in the eye so that I can get tears in my eyeliner.
Duh!" Benji replied, sticking his finger in his other eye.

"Dude, why don't you just user water?" Joel asked.

Benji looked at his red, swollen eye, then turned on the tap and
dabbed a bit of water on his finger. He streaked it through his
eyeliner and watched as a perfectly formed tear appeared there.

"D'OH!!!" he yelled, realising what he should have done all along.

"Heh, dumbass." Joel laughed, leaving Benji to swear at the bathroom
mirror in piece.

The End.

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Aura* - modmadden
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