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"Can I Have A Hug?"

TITLE: "Can I Have A Hug?"
FANDOM: Good Charlotte. Nee.
RATING: I'm guessing G.
SUMMARY: Paul love for free...
STATUS: Finished.

Don't know, don't own... have nothing except love, and a few CD's.

Can I Have A Hug?

by Aura the Rock Starr - modmadden


I'm backstage, with the others. We've just finished yet another show,
and I'm happy. They're signing autographs, I'm leaning back against a
wall and smiling.

I'm happy, even if I know something that they don't want me to think.

No one loves the bass player.

A girl approaches me. She's got short, shaggy black hair and blue
eyes, with an assortment of tattoos colouring her skin. She comes up
to about my chin height, so she's quite short.

"May I?" she asks, producing a pen and paper. I smile at her, and
sign my name, adding a few hearts at the end. No one loves the bass
player, but that doesn't mean I can't love someone...

"Can I have a hug?" she asks, holding her arms out. I smile again,
she's quite cute.
"Sure." I agree, and wrap her in my warmest Paul-hug. Hell, I don't
know what a Paul-hug is, but I'm famous for 'em!

Before I know it, she's kissed me, a long, lingering kiss on the lips,
and whispers in my ear "I'm a bass player."

Ahh, now I understand, watching her walk away.

Nobody loves the bass player.

Except, of course, another bass player.


Whadaya reckon? I'm cooking my Mam pancakes as I write this, and
it just popped into my head as I realised, it's true. No one does
love the bass player.

I'm a bass player, and my ex-boyfriend is a bass player. We thought
we loved each other, but it didn't work. So there's no one to love us
except us, and even that don't always work.

No one loves the bass player.

Aura* - modmadden
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