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TITLE: "Cigarettes."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte. Did you need to ask?
RATING: Um... I was about to say G, but PG because Chris says shit. Oh wait. So did I.
PAIRING(S): Paul/OFC, and some wishful PaulXChris.
SUMMARY: Paul wants his cigarettes, Chris wants Paul.
STATUS: Finished!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own blankets, cigarettes, Paul, Chris, Tony, Benji, Joel, Billy, buses, bunks, or diaries. Well, I do own a bunk and a diary, but I don't collectively own them.


by saint aura*

"Where the hell are my cigarettes?"

A yell from Paul.

Ahh, Paul... such a beautiful, talented, wonderous young man.

Too bad he's not mine.

"Chris! What have you done with them?"

An eye roll from me.


A growl, a crash, and a thud.

"Chris! You arse-hat!"

Shaking my head, I get up and walk to the back of the bus, where Paul
is lying tangled in the blankets that have fallen off someone's bunk.


"These are your blankets, Chris."


"These are my cigarettes, Chris."

"Yes, and?"


"I... er... they... er... Benji! Oh that scoundrel... what?"

I stop trying to come up with an explanation when Paul starts chuckling at me.

"Chris, I give up."

"Yeh, me too. Hang on..." Pause. "Arse-hat?"

Paul grins at me.

"Yeh, I dunno. My girlfriend said it. Or Benji's girlfriend. I dunno."

Ahh, girlfriends. Which reminds me of the horrible truth.

Paul is straight, as is Benji.

Billy and Joel are slowly coming out about their relationship, but
that's all Tony's fault, or... what's the opposite of fault?

I'm also gay, and I can't help wonder if...

But Paul has already untangled himself from my blankets - oh, how well
that could be taken out of context! - and, rejoicing in his new found
cigarettes, up and left me.

"Ohh, and Chris?"

I turn to Paul, who is standing in the doorway, waving a notebook around.

"Don't leave this lying around!"

Oh. Shit.

My diary. that's how he knew where to find the cigarettes...


Whee, oh how Paul/Chris fluff amuses me... as everyone knows, Paul/Chris is the new black. Thank LibertySpiked for that one...

All flames will be used to cook hamlets (tasty!), and those that aren't will be stored for when me and LibertySpiked go camping again and want traditional marshmellows for breakfast, again.

R/R, please?

saint aura*
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