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Dear My Favourite Bassist

TITLE: "Dear My Favourite Bassist."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte!
RATING: Geeeeeeeeee.
SUMMARY: Paul has a fan... and it's not slash this time!
STATUS: Finished.

Yes I own Paul and we make hot, passionate love every night... and
Joel watches (the pervert.). Guess which part of that statement isn't

Dear My Favourite Bassist

by Aura the Rock Starr - modmadden

"Whoo! Fanmail!" Benji yelled, running up the few steps into the bus,
waving around a handfull of letters.

"Mine..." he muttered, dropping a number on his bed. "Joels..." he
continued, handing Joel a matching large stack. "Billy..." he handed
Billy a fairly significant amount of letters, and Paul watched as a
small smile spread across Billy's face, as he noticed quite a few
were from his girlfriend, back home in Annapolis.

"And... Paul! Ahh, here we go."

Paul frowned as Benji handed him one letter.

One lousy letter.

The others all had numbers in the double digits, and if you added the
twins letters together, you'd probably get triple digits. But only
one letter for Paul.

"Ohh well. At least I got one." Paul muttered, reaching under his
pillow. He pulled out a particularly wicked looking dagger and sliced
the letter open. He loved his scary looking letter opener.

"Dear Paul,
my name is Aura and I'm the and I love your music so much. So I
had to send the most talented mmber of your band a letter. I'm sure
you get plenty of fanmail, but it would mean nothing more to me than
if you could reply..."

"Yes right. Lots of fanmail." Paul snorted, and continued

"I was wondering if you were going to tour in Australia any time
soon. We don't get many musicians coming our way, do you think you
could manage it?"

"If it means I get fans, why not?" Paul muttered. "Lets go."

* * *

Months later, Paul was standing backstage after the shows in Enmore.
A/N: That's in Sydney... it's literally around the corner from where my
bassist ex-boyfriend lives, we drive past it from his house.

The fans were coming backstage, looking for autographs, and he
couldn't help but wonder if his mystery letter writer from many
months before would be here. Her letter was postmarked near here.
Paul still had it, sitting under his pillow with his letter
opened/dagger. He had replied, thinking the fan would be eternally
grateful, the way he was that anyone had bothered to write to him in
the first place.

But she never wrote again.

Paul got many more letters after that, finally getting the attention
he deserved, but he still felt that no one loved the bass player.

So he kept his first true fan letter. From Aura, the girl in
Australia who begged them to tour there.

"May I have an autograph?" a female voice asked, pulling Paul out of
his reverie.

"Sure." he said, pulling a sharpie marker out of his pocket. She
smiled and handed him a copy of their first album.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Just make it out to Aura." the girl replied.

"Aura, you mean, like-" Paul's eyed widened. Aura was an uncommon
name, surely it had to be-

"You got my letter?" she licked her lips, eyeing him.

"Y-yeh. I got it. My first real fan letter." he half smiled, half
made a "yes, I'm that sad." face.

"Well, that's nice to know." she grinned back at him, and he signed
her CD case.

"At least someone loves the bass player." Paul replied, handing her
back her CD.

* * *

"To Aura, for being my first true fan. I have your address, you
have mine. Wanna be penpals? Love, Paul Thomas. XXX"


You like? You hate? Whatever! Tell me what you thought, I think it
sucks personally (hehe.), please r/r!

Aura* - modmadden
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