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"Gone In Sixty Seconds."

TITLE: "Gone In Sixty Seconds."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte. Did I even have to say?
RATING: Gggggggg!
PAIRING(S): PaulXChris... I think.
SUMMARY: You watch 'em for a moment, then the moment's gone...
STATUS: Finished!

1. Own Good Charlotte.
2. Own Paul Thomas.
3. Own Chris Wilson.
4. Claim rights to the title.
5. Think this happened.

I do, however, claim the acts of Tony and Benji for my friends.
My friends Harry, James, and Benji (not Madden.) did this once.
Actually, they didn't leave them around, they pegged them at people or
left them in school bags, but you get it. Yeh.


I'm sitting on the tourbus, leaning against the back wall of my bunk.
Joel and Billy have gone off to find an alcohol source. Benji and Tony are filling condoms with mayonnaise and leaving them around other tourbuses.

I'm by myself, waiting for someone to come in an amuse me.

Moment later, Paul walks in and crashes through the bus, dropping down next to me. He gives me a cocky grin and reaches into the pocket of his Dickies, pulling out a packet of cigarettes.

He's not allowed to smoke on the bus, ever since he left a lit cigarette on a countertop and set fire to Benji's notebook. Benji nearly killed him. The book was fine though.

Paul knows he can trust me though. I don't care if he smokes in here or not. Just as long as he doesn't smoke in bed.

Placing a cigarette between his full lips, he fishes in his pocket for a lighter and lights his cigarette. Inhaling deeply, he leans his head back, blowing the smoke out slowly. Another puff and he starts making smoke rings.

I remember the night he learnt how to do that. He kept me up saying,
"Watch me! Watch me Chris!"

After four king-sized packets of cigarettes and several hours, he
finally perfected smoke rings and every time he smokes, he has to show off with them.

"What's up with you Chris?" he asks, opening his eyes.

I smile and shake my head. He doesn't know how sexy he can make smoking look.

Good while it lasted, watching Paul make such a normal, boring action
look raunchy.

The moment's gone. Gone in sixty seconds.


Uhh, this is in pairings centric because I think Chris likes Paul or
something... yeh. Review!

EDIT: And no, I don't think smoking is cool or sexy, I hate it! If I knew Paul I'd force him to stop... this was just for the sake of the fic.

Saint Aura
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