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"Kissed Me In My Living Room."

TITLE: "Kissed Me In My Living Room."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte. What did you expect?
RATING: Um R18+.
SUMMARY: Paul porn!
STATUS: Finished.

All I own is my imagination, and this sweet, adorable version of
Paul that I wish really existed. But then again, maybe he does...

Kissed Me In My Living Room

by Aura the Rock Starr - modmadden

A long tour was over. His girlfriend was off work. Everything was
perfect in the life of Paul Thomas.

Paul and Laura were having a couple night. They had a few movies
picked out to watch together, and the couch was piled with blankets
and pillows.

"You know," Paul said, as he popped the video in the player, "we
are alone tonight. We don't have to worry about the others,
are you sure you wanna just stay up watching movies?"

Laura smiled back at him from her seat on the couch. "Yes I'm sure,
Paulie, or else I wouldn't have suggested it."

"Aww, you're no fun." Paul mock pouted, as he sat down next to her on
the couch, pulling her into his lap.

"I'm plenty fun and you know it." Laura replied, leaning upwards to
kiss him on the cheek.

"Yeh, you're right, I'm only kidding." Paul grinned, as the movie

* * *

Return Of the Jedi was one of Paul's favourite movies, but tonight
Paul just could not concentrate on Star Wars. All that he could
concentrate on was Laura in his lap, his arms wrapped around her
waist. Paul felt her breath in and out, rhythmically, making a normal
eveyday action seem as beautiful as music.

He smiled to himself absently, sliding a hand up Laura's black
t-shirt. He made little swirling circles around her belly button and
she giggled.

"Stop it, I'm ticklish." but Paul kept doing it, knowing she really
liked the way he made her laugh just by touching her.

Laura took Paul's other hand in her opposite one and gently ran her
fingers up down, stroking his hand with hers.

"Crazy girl." Paul whispered in her ear.

"Why?" Laura whispered back.

"Because, you're feeling my hand up."

"What's wrong with that? Me and my girlfriend Aine always do that
when we watch movies together."

"Well..." Paul said, "do you do this when you watch movies together?"

Paul shifted Laura in his lap and gently kissed her soft, inviting
lips, deepening the kiss as she willfully repsonded.

"Actually, what would you do if I said yes?" Laura asked Paul back,
when they broke the kiss.

"Well, for one thing I'd wonder why you were kissing another girl and
for another I'd try and beat that." Paul said, kissing Laura again,
harder this time. He gently caressed her stomach beneath her shirt,
while she continued 'feeling his hand up' as he so eloquently put it.

Return Of the Jedi continued playing, forgotten as the two bodies on
the couch began to heat up a little, and clothes began to come off.

"What about this?" Paul asked, as Laura lay back and he kissed her
neck, her collarbone, then her chest, finally pausing before taking
on her breasts.

"I-I don't know. I think I might need a little more demonstrating."
Laura moaned, as Paul nibbled at her breasts, swirling his tongue
around both nipples individually.

Paul rained a shower of kisses down her belly, then her abdomen,
finally stopping just below her hips.

"Ohh, Paul, you're such a tease!" Laura groaned, sitting back up

"You know you love it." Paul grinned back, before Laura threw her
arms around him, kissing his lips passionately, moving one hand down
to unzip his dickies.

"Then of course, I love it when you do that." he replied, as
Laura reached into his boxers andgrabbed him, gasping at how cold her
touch was in their warm environment.

"Which is why you'll love this." was the husky reply, as Laura ran
her fingers up and down his shaft, making him come hard at her mere

"I swear, you've cast a spell on me or something." Paul moaned, lying
down in much the same was Laura had been moments ago. She licked her
lips, positioning herself over the top of him so that she could lower
herself onto his cock.

"And the bad thing is?" Laura leaned forward and kissed him, just
once, with only her lips and Paul hungrily lusted for more.

"Nothing." Paul replied, as Laura gently rocked back and forth.
"Nothing at all."

"Good." she purred, like a content kitten.

Paul smiled lazily and pulled Laura close to his chest, still inside
of her, all the while wishing the moment would last forever.

"I love you, Laura."


Awwww, wasn't that cute? Paul deserved some fluff, baby! I've been
online reading slash for seven hours, I needed to get the kinks out
of my system, and anyway, my Aine/Billy/LibertySpiked ain't the only
one who can write fluff!

Yes, me and Aine are strange girls, we do 'hand feel each other up',
(however I think we only started doing that when we were watching
Not Another Teen Movie and Good Charlotte came on and we were
imagining we were Billy and Paul... no slashyness!) just hands
though, nothing else mind you!

BTW, that was my first 'graphic' fic, so don't flame me, 'cause I
know it was bad.

Please r/r, and remember "Love the bass player."

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