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Little Goth Girl.

TITLE: "Little Goth Girl."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte.
RATING: PG, I suppose.
PAIRING(S): None, for once! Yay me!
SUMMARY: Benji and his best friend growing up.
STATUS: Finished.

DISCLAIMER:</b> Don't own Benji. He owns himself. Do own Billy and her Mum though. Yay! Don't own a KFC workshirt, wet cement, or La Plata high school. Do own a pair of Chucks and a pair of Docs and black jeans, a black hoodie and a pen, but don't claim them.

Lyrics to "Lil Goth Girl", a song by Aine Norman, done by Red Kite. Such an ace song... it's really great. E-mail her at and tell her how much you liked it!

Little Goth Girl

Saint Aura - modmadden - Aura the Rock Starr

Jammin' on the front porch, listen while your money talks...

Benji and his best friend sat on the front porch of her house. "Her" was Billy Williams. She had come to La Plata six months before and introduced herself the moment they had lain eyes on each other.

The punks were all destined to meet up, someday.

She was just like him. They liked the same bands, the same style of dressing, hated the same teachers.

Benji idly plucked on the strings of his guitar. Billy was doing the same. Neither had anything better to do.

"Dude, I know." Billy suddenly said, sitting up straight.

"What?" Benji muttered, tightening his B string. It sounded a bit flat.

"Let's go to the movies." She said, watching him.

"Can't. No money."

"Oh really?" Billy grinned and pulled out her wallet. A twenty mysteriously appeared in her hands.

"Dude! Where the fuck did that come from?" Benji's eye widened.

Twenty dollars, what he could do with that...

"Secret. Let's go." Billy grinned again and opened her front door, leaning her guitar against the wall just inside.

Talks of gunna reach the sky, talks of when you're getting high...

Benji threw the baseball up in the air and caught it again. "Good Charlotte are gonna be fuckin' famous, I can feel it." He enthused, while Billy snorted.

"Yeh Benji, maybe in one of your drugged-out fantasies.

"I do not have drugged out fantasies!" Benji pouted, rolling on to his side on Billy's bed.

"Of course not Benji. Anything you say." Billy smirked.

"Shut up."

Flick the pen 'round and 'round, ya hoodies gunna be ya shroud...

"Billy, what do you think sounds better? "Motivate me, I wanna get myself out of this bed." or "Captivate me, I want good thoughts inside of my head."?" Billy shrugged.

"They both sound cool. Use 'em both." Benji nodded non-commitedly and scribbled something down, presumably the lines he'd just said, then flicked his pen back and forth a few times.

"Dude, it's hot." He muttered, fanning himself with his notebook.

"Take your hoodie off then, dork." Billy laughed. Benji's eyes widened.

"Never! It's, like, my temple!"

"Well then your temple needs to be professionally fumigated. It stinks. Wash it, man."

"Shut up."

"Just sayin'. Anyway, it's more like a fuckin' shroud than a temple." Billy leaned over and read Benji's scrawled lyrics.

"Hey, that looks pretty cool. "The Motivation Proclamation".

Uniform, Docs and jeans, boot prints show ya where ya been...

Benji chased Billy down the street. She had just finished her shift at KFC and was still wearing her work shirt. With her trademark black jeans and scuffed Docs, she looked pretty... interesting. Cuffs and studded belt with attached wallet chain non-withstanding. "Hey look!" Billy stopped suddenly, looking at the ground.


"Wet cement!" Billy said happily.

"Let's remember this day. So when we've moved away, we can come back and see what's in the cement and remember."

"Um, okay." Benji nodded, watching as Billy put her foot in the cement. Her boot made the unmistakable print of a Doc Marten soul in the cement.

Benji copied and made a matching trademark Chuck Taylor print next to it.

"Now we know where we've been." Billy said, walking on.

You're just a little goth girl, alone in a big world, where are you gunna go, why is it me ya know?

"What do you wanna be when you finish high school, Benji?" Billy asked.

"I told you, a rockstar! Good Charlotte are gunna be fuckin' HUGE." Benji said, looking over to Billy. She was stretched out on Joel's bed, reading a Kerrang.


Billy shrugged. "Dunno. It's just... my parents want me to go to college and get a degree, that's all." Benji's nose crinkled.

"That sucks." Billy nodded.

"Tell me about it."

Benji continued, "I mean, I'd be on tour, with all our friends, and you'd be all alone, at some lame-ass university." He said, grinning.

"Fuck off, Combs." Billy threw a pillow at the suddenly stonily silent Benji.

"Don't call me that. I'm a Madden now."

Dyed black hair, platinum grin, you wonder why you ever chose him...

"What do you think?" Benji asked. Billy frowned thoughtfully, admiring Benji's new 'do.

"Black suits you. Not sure about the pink though."

"Well, that was just a bleached patch, but me and Joel kinda got a little carried away." Benji explained, blushing a little. Billy raised both eyebrows, then shook her head.

"Don't wanna know." Benji grinned, when Billy noticed something. "Benji... have you been chewing on soda ring-pulls again? You know what told you about substituting them for gum!"

Benji blushed again. "Uh, maybe?" Billy smirked. "I knew it. It was the platinum grin that gave it away."

"Blergh." Benji stuck his tongue out at her. "Sometimes I honestly wonder why I'm friends with you, Benj..."

Smiles at you across the bay, you flip him off and walk away...

Benji and Billy sat on the railing at the end of the parking bay at the mall.

"That guy's checking you out." Benji nodded towards a scruffy guy in jeans, thongs and a faded blue jumper. He was shuffling along with his hands in his pockets, staring in their direction.

"He is not che- dude! He is!" Billy cried. He looked her up and down then licked his lips and the groped the air before him, in some grotesque parody of someone feeling up someone else.

"Dude, that's sick. Muthah fucker!" Billy rolled her eyes. Jumping off the railings, she gave the guy the finger and walked off.

Head down, dreads swing, one look at you, you're living in sin...

"That looks really... different." Benji said. Billy had shown up at his house, sporting dreadlocks and asked his opinion.

"So you hate it then?" she asked, lowering her head, her dreads swinging into her face.

"No, it's just... it'll take some getting used to. That's all." Benji replied. "Plus, it's practically sinful. You had - have - such beautiful hair!" he continued, tweaking a dread with his fingers.

"Beautiful hair do I? Why Benji, I believe you have a crush on me!" Billy grinned.

"No, of course not." Benji laughed.

Well, not really. Not much, anyway.

Leather ratty, spikes gleam, can I get ya outta this dream?

The dreads were gone. Billy now had long, black spikes. She and Benji were sitting on the stairs out the back of the school.

"They're too shiny." Benji said of Billy's spikes, and poked one. "And hard. Dude, what the fuck did you use on them?"

"Wood glue." Billy answered, pulling her ratty leather jacket tighter around herself.

"...right..." Benji looked at Billy like she was crazy. Then again, she probably was. What sane person used wood glue in their hair? Well, they probably did in her dreamland, but this was Waldorf, Naptown.

You're just a little goth girl, along in a big world, where is that ya been, will you tell me what you've seen?

"'Sup?" Benji asked.

"Nothing." Billy said, nervously. She didn't look at Benji, just played with the lace on her Docs.

"Something's up Billy, I can tell. What's wrong?" Benji asked again.

"Nothing's wrong, okay." Billy said firmly. "Subject closed."

Jammin' on the back porch, listen while your mumma talks...

"What do you mean, "moving"?!" Benji exclaimed. He and Billy had been sitting on the back porch at her place when her mum had come outside and asked Billy if she had told Benji the news yet.

"I'm sorry, Benjamin. But we have to move." Mrs. Williams said. "We have to do what's best for Belinda. She's going to college and I think she - and you - deserve better than La Plata. I've only got her best interests at heart."

Best interests my ass, Benji thought. Plus it was weird hearing Billy being called by her first name. She had been Billy forever, well, at least as long as they had known each other. Most people would have shortened Belinda to Belle, or Lin, or Linda. But not Billy. She had to be different.

And now she had to be gone.

Talks of gunna reach the sky, talks of now I dunno why...

"GC are still gunna be the most rockin' band ever." Benji said, as he and Billy sat on her porch one last time.

"You will, Benji." Benji sighed. He didn't know why be bothered.

"I'll see you again sometime, won't I Bill?" he asked.

"Sure Benji. Sure." Benji really didn't know why be bothered now...

Head up, hair back, your feet are on the right track...

2003. Backstage. Fans clamoring to get past security. Benji smiled halfheartedly, then stopped. A familiar face. Not seen since...


Familiar face made it backstage.

"Billy! Oh my God! It's been so long... we have our own personal Billy now, but there's nothing like the original... plus our Billy is a guy." Benji babbled while Billy said nothing.

"Actually Benji, it's Belinda now." Billy - Belinda - said. Benji's smile slowly faded away.

Billy's hair was washed free of all hair dye, at it's natural blonde. He'd never seen it that way before. No spikes, nothing.

Clothes clean, Docs shine, where is that young friend of mine?

Clean white t-shirt with baby pink sleeves and a pink, sparkly "65" on the front. Bone coloured cargo skirt. Still wearing Docs, but nicely polished and with plain black laces. Where was Billy? What had happened to Benji's teenage friend?

Spikes gone, dreads shorn, shoes clack, you're not in black...

Billy. Belinda.

Where is the girl I used to know? A lil goth girl in black and day-glow...

"Billy, what happened to you?"

"I told you Benji, I'm Belinda now." Pause. "And I grew up."

When did they steal your soul? Why am I the last to know?

"What do you mean, grew up?" Benji asked. Billy gave him a distant smile.

"The whole pretending to be punk thing. I was 17, Benji. Why do you think I moved away? My Mom didn't want me to be like that for the rest of my life. And now I've realised, neither did I."

Benji was silent. Billy was gone, dead, buried. His best friend no longer existed. He would rather like to think she had moved away as opposed to disappeared, but life was a bitch. He knew that for certain.

"You let them steal your soul, Billy. Now you've changed. Do you still play guitar?" Belinda shook her head.

"No, I'm studying fashion design at college and I'm trying out for the college cheerleading squad."

Benji was reminded of a line from "Bring It On".

"Cheerleaders are just dancers gone retarded."

He didn't like to think that was what had happened to his long-time-ago gothpunk friend.

"They destroyed you, Bill."

"I was stupid when I was 17."

"No you weren't. You were an individual, a non-conformist. Someone I could relate to."

"Well maybe I hated being an outcast. Maybe I wanted to conform."

"Goodbye Billy."

"Belinda. And goodbye to you too, Benjamin."

You were just a little goth girl, alone in a big world, whatever happened to you, don't you know we are people too?


This is one of my few fics that I really like and really enjoyed writing and typing, and re-reading so soon after knocking it out. Actually, about the only one. It came about when I was cutting up the freshly printed off lyrics to stick on my wall, and I thought "Hang on, this is a really cool song. It'd fit perfectly to a fic!". So I grabbed my notebook and it came straight out, just like that. The first image that went from lyrics to fic though, was the line "boot prints show ya where ya been...", with which I immediately thought of maybe a rainy day, Benji and Billy running home in the rain, and Benji randomly noticing the big Doc print Billy leaves in the mud or something. But cement works better.

Please review and tell me what you thought. This fic was my babeh, even if it's only a short songfic, albeit to an awesome song.

Saint Aura

EDIT: Aine Norman, the one who wrote the song, is Liberty Spiked...
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