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"The Stories Of Our Lives."

TITLE: "The Stories Of Our Lives."
FANDOM: Good Charlotte.
G, for intense cuteness and no swearing!
PAIRING(S): Not tellin'. Unusual for me though!
SUMMARY: Standard fluff, the end.
STATUS: Finished!

Prequel to "Late Night Notepad.", and all those that follow.

"The Stories Of Our Lives."
By Saint Aura.

He was tallish. Taller than her, but that wasn't hard.

He had brown hair, and golden eyes that lit up whenever he saw her, or so she dreamed to herself. He never wore sleeves unless necessary, dressed neatly with button-down (or up, depending on your view point.) shirts and wore the same grass and dirt stained grey pants every day.

The sexiest boy alive. Undoubtedly. His mouth was kinda wide, his ears were kinda big and sticky-outty, and he was a bit gangly. But still he was the sexiest boy alive, without question.

Like the days when they were younger and she would just happen to be walking the dog and...

"Oh look, baseball practice is on! I wonder if, oh look again! There he is!"

She climed up on the fence, pressing her face into the mesh. She didn't care if it left marks, she wanted to gaze upon his, well, not quite beauty. But it was something, at least...

His slightly shorter and chubbier best friend and resident shadow was always around. They were inseparable. Her boy had taken up baseball, so the shadow had too. She waved at the stockier of the pair and called out his name. He turned and waved enthusiastically, pointing to the taller one and smirking.

She looked towards him and sighed. He pitched the ball, his biceps rippling -- they were famous for a reason, really. Running up the field (for they were only doing drills, not playing a real game.) he turned his head slightly and saw her. Without breaking his stride he waved and flashed that signature grin that she loved, the wide one that always made her melt inside. Then he took up his position on the field, and waited for someone to throw the ball to him...

She had a mad crush on him. She had broken up with her boyfriend for him. She had known him a while, she was friends with friends of his. A friend of hers had urged to please get back at someone who had spited them, and the someone happened to be him. She didn't know him then, but felt loyalty towards her friend, so she promptly went after him and kicked him in the nuts. Not at all surprisingly, he wasn't pleased. So she had done it again. And again, but that wasn't until a few weeks later than he had been bugging her instead. He learned to keep his distance after that. Especially when she was wearing her Docs.

Several months later he'd got over her fear of her, and they'd become friends when his best friend and ever-present shadow had been going through a rough period and the shadow had stopped coming to school regularly. At the same time, her own crowd had dumped her. She wasn't too sure about the slightly geeky but athletic boy who sat in the library reading and humming old rock songs, but he was nice and he made her laugh, and that was good enough for her.

At the same time, she had a boyfriend. Of course she did, what kind of story would this be if she didn't? Unbelievably sweet, great personality, caring, loving, all the rest.

So of course he was hideously ugly, overweight, had terribly acne and was a big nerd. The biggest.

She loved him, really she did. But then after a week of non-stop geeky reading baseball boy, well, she had to admit, he was very nice, although it seemed, only to her.

And she loved her boyfriend, really, but basic human instinct kicked in and the shallow need to procreate with someone more attractive also came along for the ride.

She had a crush on him, big time. She broke up with her long-term boyfriend on a whim, and was all set to ask out her mad crush, when she found out a mate of hers had beat her to it, by a few hours. Perfect. Damnit.

So she went to her younger, pretty, long-haired grunge friend who played the guitar in a lower grade for comfort. Three guesses what happened next.

Two months later they broke up. It had been fun while it lasted, but her baseball boy and her quicker-than-thou mate had broken up too -- perfect timing.

Quicker-than-thou stood in front of her and baseball playing, geeky, reading boy (who had recently discovered a hidden talent for singing.). Boy had his arms around her because he'd just got back from being away, she had been awaiting the bus and when he had disembarked from it with his mates, she'd been overjoyed. She and quicker-than-thou had been missing their friends for a long time.

"So, are you two...?" Quicker-than-thou looked at both her friend and her ex-boyfriend. One of these days, maybe they would...

"No!" she replied, a bit too quickly and a bit too loudly.

Soft brown eyes looked down at her, a sad smile on his face. Surely he would have said the same thing, because they were only friends --

"D'you wanna go out sometime?"

Stop. Breath. One... two... thr--

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!!!" jumping up and down, arms around his neck, ear piercing squealing.

Although she couldn't see it, Billy was looking over and smiling -- he had always wanted to see his ex-girlfriend happy, even if she had only been a fling, they'd had fun together. She was a good mate.

Benji was smirking, he'd known for years about the way they felt for each other, but neither had even done anything.

Paul sighed and closed his eyes. He'd had her first, really, but she was fickle, she was female, and she loved...

"Joel, I think she just said yes."


This is kinda based on a true story, as well. Replace Joel with Jeremy Allen, Billy with Jeremy Apthorp, Paul with Nathan and Benji with Eamon and it's basically what really happened. Note, I am the unnamed female, of course. Physical descriptions and personalities of my friends represented as band members even fitted the GC genre. Wow I'm such a nerd.
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